AquaLAB Innovation Accelerator Program

Take on your most critical water challenges, disrupt BAU thinking and action ideas together in this collaborative, multi-utility innovation accelerator program.

A human-first, 8-week intensive program designed to have you formulate ideas and take action on your top industry challenges with velocity.

Work in multi-disciplinary teams, alongside your water utility peers, world-class industry and cross-sector mentors to cultivate innovation and fast track your solutions.

Global problem-solving for your key water challenges.



How to connect with customers and proactively improve customer experience and satisfaction.



How to harness data to improve decision-making in all areas of business operations.



How to optimise asset life, improve operational efficiency and prevent wastage (leakage, recycling).



How to plan for long-term, sustainable water supply in an unpredictable environment.



How to create a diverse and innovative workforce able to thrive in a changing world.

Making water sustainable
for generations to come.

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Once you have submitted the pre-registration form, you will be invited to an upcoming Info Session held in the lead up to the program kick off. Sign up to stay tuned!

Utility-focused, Challenge-led Water Innovation Accelerator Program

Take on your most critical water challenges, disrupt BAU thinking and action ideas together in this new cross-utility accelerator program

GHD, through AquaLAB, is leading an 8 week accelerator program where you will collaborate directly with your global water utility peers in multi-disciplinary teams, alongside world class industry and cross-sector mentors. 

In the program you will: 

  • Select a challenge to work on that is directly relevant to your organisation
  • Identify novel and diverse ways to tackle the challenge 
  • Level up your innovation and transformation capability
  • Co-create technically feasible solutions
  • Begin experimenting with solutions that scale

We call this Applied Innovation.

Why Applied Innovation?

Many water industry challenges are systemic, persistent and difficult to solve. 


The Applied Innovation tools, techniques and mindset are designed to support a people-focused, design-thinking process that enables you to identify opportunities and responses to pressing industry challenges. 


Embedding Applied Innovation, or design-led approaches, in organisations has been seen to: 

  • Grow revenue and returns at nearly twice the rate of traditional approaches
  • Lower the risk and cost associated with solution delivery by ensuring you are developing the right solution and iteratively building and testing
  • Increase employee, customer and stakeholder engagement and buy-in.

Why Multi-utility?

Complex challenges in the water industry are often shared, systemic challenges that impact people globally. By working together, you can accelerate the ideation, creation and implementation of your solutions, and make a bigger impact on the world.


This accelerator brings together utility decision-makers, inventors and innovation leaders to explore, design and implement ideas that scale.


The accelerator program kicks off later this year. Limited spots in each team.


To secure your place, pre-register today. You can nominate up to 3 people per organisation so we invite you to share this page with others in your organisation.


We will be holding Information Sessions in the lead up to the event kick off later this year. Find out more and get your questions answered. A calendar invite to the next info session will be emailed to you once you have submitted the pre-registration form.

Registration Fee

The AquaLAB Innovation Accelerator Program is a professional-level program designed to produce real outcomes for senior water professionals who are tackling big water challenges.
As such, your organisations will be asked to commit funds (TBA but in the AUD $20,000 to $30,000 range for 3 participants) towards your participation.
Our aim is that your organisation’s investment in you as a participant will inspire a deep commitment to leveraging and scaling outcomes and value from the program both at your utility/company and your teammates’ organisations.

AquaLAB inspires water industry leaders to explore novel ideas, openly discuss challenges and experiment with technology to safeguard water for future generations.

Join us for the AquaLAB Innovation Accelerator Program.