Reducing errors to create trust in measured bulk water flows

Analysing the impact of flow rates on bulk water meter accuracy to identify errors and give utilities confidence that bills are fair and equitable.

Large variations in water flow can affect bulk water meter performance. Even a one percent error can result in millions of dollars of incorrect charges.

Our Client
Bulkwater authority



The water authority’s treatment plants and supply networks have a large bulk water meter fleet, with nearly 100 meters just for billing. GHD developed a cost-effective methodology for analysing water flow impact.

Using SCADA data we performed a frequency distribution analysis on the flow data for 36 meters (9 of which had bidirectional flow) over one operational year.

Big Data software (SAP HANA) was used to analyse 3 million data points and compare flow distributions with expected meter accuracy thresholds. We found that in >40% of cases, low flow or variable flow led to meter errors.

Pinpointing errors with precision

Through this project, the client has

—  Identified 16 flow meters with high likelihood for error due to low flow rates for further investigation

—  Criticality ranking of meters allows planning for in-situ flow validation, recalibration or meter replacement

—  The data-driven approach creates trust to ensure that errors in bulk water charges are minimised or eliminated

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