Simulation improves power station operations and environmental safety

Advanced simulation software enabled decision-makers to choose the best upgrade solution for a water cooling tower at a power station.

Simulation finds optimal improvements to power station operations and environmental safety.

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Energy sector client


A power station’s cooling water deteriorated and to mitigate operations and community risks and meet regulatory requirements, fast action was needed. Although there were a number of different solutions, traditional analysis and design methods were not going to be able to meet regulators’ short timeframes and environmental requirements, ie. the Zero Liquid Discharge System.

To present an optimal solution, GHD built an integrated model that simulated all the water treatment processes both up and downstream of the cooling tower, including the Zero Liquid Discharge system.
To achieve this we used a new software package, AqMB Designer™ to build the model and assess the project’s requirements at multiple stages.

The software enabled GHD to create a fully integrated model of the water processing system, analyse the chemical make up of all wastewater types, compare costs across the cooling tower lifecycle and determine and assess expected impacts on performance over time.

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