Smarter, faster water network operations using real-time water modelling

A predictive system using live data to inform better decision-making on network operations and planning.

Data accuracy and immediacy are critical factors to operational decision-making and taking rapid action.

Our Client
Melbourne Water


Asset value
$15 billion

5 million people

The Cardinia and Tarago water system supplies potable water over 96,300 hectares of pipeline to over 1 million customers across Greater Melbourne. Minimising the impact of water network shutdowns, failures and upgrades is essential to operating at peak efficiency, keeping costs down and maintaining good relations with consumers.

GHD developed a live water operations model to support Melbourne Water’s Network Operations and Strategy objectives to improve overall operational efficiency and minimise disruptions to the water network.

Using Innovyze software IWLive Pro and DemandWatch as the core live operating model tool we:

— Outlined the functional requirements for the model in consultation with stakeholders

— Developed a data review report to provide recommendations that would improve live modelling

— Developed a unique KIPs database to capture and record control data not currently available in SCADA

— Automated demand forecasts and established a SQL server database to save demand predictions

— Provided operators with training material on how to use the live model

Dependable planning for infrastructure maintenance

With this tool, Melbourne Water can now:

—   Better plan for system upgrades and operational changes across the network

—   Mitigate risks from network problems such as low storage level, water over-supply and system failures

—   Minimise the impact of planned and unplanned incidents

—   Use the real-time data to improve water quality and optimise water transfer energy use

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