Smoother, safer pump station operations now virtual reality

3D virtual environment makes pump station operations and maintenance smoother, cheaper and safer.

Data complexity requires more management as asset data point grows.

Our Client
Water utility


Asset value

$3 billion


500,00+ people

Our client wanted to take advantage of new technologies that enable operations and maintenance staff to access all asset information in one location. This makes remote operations easier, communications smoother and maintenance safer and more efficient.

Testing virtual reality simulation in office

GHD developed a common, virtual interface that allows design data, SCADA data and maintenance information to be accessed and viewed remotely in 3D on devices including tablets, mobile phones and laptops.

The software includes:

— All asset information including satellite imagery, design data, operations manuals, safe work procedures and videos and live SCADA data.

— A suite of intuitive tools so staff can access, manage, and interact with the pump station remotely.

— A fully navigable 3D environment so the user can traverse the facility, inspect and interact with assets, reveal hidden assets, turn information layers on and off and update data.

A single source of truth to manage information

— Simplified maintenance by improving data access and team communication.

— Reduced unnecessary site visits.

— Reduced work order errors, duplication and omissions.

— Improved safety through remote access to safety documentation likely to overflow.

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