Sustainable Procurement that Moves the Water Industry Forward feat. Lindsey Brown

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More and more utilities are realising the benefits of sustainable procurement practices, not only for their organisations’ bottom lines but also for their communities. Today I talk with passionate changemaker and sustainability advocate Lindsey Brown about a recent webinar series she put together to engage utilities on this topic.

Lindsey is GHD’s Water Market Leader for Victoria, Australia. With a 15-plus year background in environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility and public policy development in the water industry, Lindsey is passionate about sustainability and win-win outcomes for all stakeholders. 

In today’s episode, we dig into why sustainable procurement matters, what it looks like in practice and Lindsey shares an overview of her four-part webinar series featuring some of the innovators in this space.

Learn more about and view the Sustainable Procurement in the Water Sector webinars.


Meet this week’s expert

Lindsey Brown

Water Market Leader, Victoria, Australia


Lindsey is a changemaker, water industry disruptor, strategic engagement consultant, adviser and keynote speaker. 

With a 15+ year background in environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility and public policy development in the water industry, Lindsey is passionate about sustainability and win-win outcomes for all stakeholders through connecting to and understanding what matters to them and what they need. She is highly skilled at bringing all voices to the table, connecting technical professionals and their policy, community and interdisciplinary stakeholders.

Prior to taking on the role as Water Market Leader for Victoria at GHD, Lindsey was a highly sought after engagement strategist focused on driving change within and modernising the water industry. Having worked with a myriad of clients, from councils to water utilities, research institutes to global consulting firms, Lindsey has led award-winning water industry projects, specialising in transforming the theoretical into the practical through her unique, human-centered approach.

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Show Highlights

  • Lindsey: It’s something that our clients are increasingly interested in, the water industry in Australia and elsewhere in the world is really taking on a bigger role or in a broadened scope around its function. It’s not taps and toilets anymore. It’s not just enough to provide clean water and take wastewater away. We’re also seen now as stewards of community and of the environment and trying to contribute to prosperity, in a very broad sense, livable communities and green open spaces and all of the impacts those have on people’s mental health and wellbeing.
  • Lindsey: So what role can we play? After some chats internally, we sort of realize, it’s about having a conversation.
  • Lindsey: I hope that other people are taking what we’re doing and building on it or learning from it or showing us how we can improve it if they’re doing other things that are more interesting or better or more advanced. Because I think this is not a zero-sum game, everybody wins when we get this right. 
  • Lindsey: We’re pretty new to this conversation, but it is an important one and one that there’s a lot of commitment to have. I mean, there’s absolutely no doubt we’re hearing more and more from clients across the country that this is something that’s important to them and that it’s something that they want to improve on. They want to learn from each other. They want to learn from us. So it’s certainly an active space. I hope it stays that way and that we can really look to those other industries to, as I said, to learn from it and build.

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