Stretching Your Innovation Dollar Series: How intrapreneurship is changing the game in corporate culture with Melissa Witheriff

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Being entrepreneurial no longer means having to leave the corporate life behind. It can be done with the backing of an organisation.

Meet this week’s expert

Melissa Witheriff
Head of Digital Innovation
Credit Union of Australia (CUA)

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  • The key difference [of an intrapreneur] from an entrepreneur is that these people need to work within the business risk appetite of an often large corporate organisation. And so there’s a need for experimentation and digital transformation, but it’s working within the constraints and budget of large organisations and often with regulatory constraints.
  • These game-changers are able to take ideas through to commercially viable outcomes and also look at how to test viability, desirability and feasibility of ideas right through to commercial products at a market.
  • The benefits for our organisation is about how do you create value exchange? And we call it a three-way value exchange shots for ourselves, so CUA, for our members or customers and then for the partners that we work with.
  • For me, it’s very much about how might people, regardless of where they sit within an organisation, engage with entrepreneurship.
  • It’s really critical to understand the risk environment. And for me, intrapreneurship is all about engaging with risk because if you don’t have an appetite for that, you actually won’t step forward into anything new and different and potentially exciting.


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