Stretching Your Innovation Dollar Series: Creating and Navigating Partnerships to Accelerate Innovation with Nick Shewring

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While each innovation approach has some overlap and similarities, it’s the nuances that make them distinct. Partnerships can have a wide range of impacts for corporations and water utilities alike. They can enhance technological capability, supply chain flow and a range of other things.

In this episode, we talk partnerships with Nick Shewring, Strategy and Client Lead for GHD Digital.

This is the third episode in a series on Stretching Your Innovation Dollar, where we explore how water utilities can partner with, co-create with and empower innovators both from within their organisations and externally.

Nick takes us through best practices for forming partnerships whether you’re a large organisation, startup, or individual and also explains the massive value partnerships bring to the water industry by helping us work better together.

Meet this week’s expert

Nick Sherwing
Strategy & Client Lead
GHD Digital

Nick is the Strategy and Innovation Lead for D-Lab at GHD and one of our awesome team members here at AquaLAB. In his past business life, he worked with Air New Zealand and also co-founded successful New Zealand startup BizDojo as well as other startups. Nick has coached and mentored hundreds of startup teams and has a significant network in the local and international startup ecosystem. His specialty is bringing people together to achieve impressive things.

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Show Highlights

  • 2:42 I have a real passion for entrepreneurship. I have a real passion for community. And I’m really excited about how you can build meaningfully highly engaged communities of professionals around the world.
  • 3:28 A partnership for me is really around creating value exchange on both sides. So I guess in the example for what we’re doing with AquaLAB it is, if we can find a novel solution that’s addressing a key critical challenge for one of our utility partners here in Australia, then why wouldn’t we look at how we could help that technology connect with all of our clients globally?
  • 4:24 I’m all about partnerships. It helps everyone move faster, builds a bigger pie for everyone. And yeah, and I think you get this awesome osmosis that happens as well. So, you know, you might have a novel technology solution provider that’s really looking at a problem in an entirely different way to how we might look at it as a large corporate or what a utility might look at it themselves.
  • 11:42 Our role as a large entity is not to take opportunities off these technology providers. It’s really about giving them the support to do what they do best.
  • 13:58 It never ceases to amaze me when I engage with a founder who is addressing a problem that they haven’t actually gone and talked to a client about whether that’s actually the issue.

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